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We strive to provide a smooth, simple process for our clients, which is why we fully take care of delivery or move fitness equipment, installation, and removal of old equipment and trash.

move fitness equipment
move fitness equipment


Our goal is to make everything seamless for our customers. When it comes to existing or new facilities, we professionally deliver, move fitness equipment, assemble, test, remove old equipment, and clean trash after installation. We recognize that not all projects are the same. Therefore, we will complete a site survey prior to installation to be sure there are no surprises on delivery.



We are here to provide solutions to commercial and residential costumers

Move Fitness Equipment

Move Fitness Equipment service by Consolidated Fitness Equipment helps you move your fitness equipments like, treadmills, elliptical, step-mills and upright-bikes etc. to another room or house or for service & disposal. Our skilled technicians ensure disassembling fitness equipments with care, safe transport and proper installation at the new place. Our priority is to move the fitness equipments with utmost care without any damage.

Fitness Equipment Installation

Fitness Equipment Installation is a complex and time-consuming process, our expert technicians are here to serve you. Consolidated Fitness Equipment team ensures that your fitness equipment is installed correctly and safely. Our expert team performs installations for nearly all equipment manufacturers nationwide. After installation our experts thoroughly check the functionality of the fitness equipment. We provide best installation and best possible maintenance services at your doorstep.

Remove Old Fitness Equipment

Remove Old Fitness Equipment service by Consolidated Fitness Equipment helps you to remove the old fitness equipments to REFURBISHED or remanufacturing the old equipments to a like new condition. Our skilled technicians thoroughly inspect the old equipments and then refurbished the equipments ensuring complete in house quality control. We also install the refurbished equipments at your chosen place as if you have a new gym at your place.

Fitness Equipment Relocation

Fitness equipment relocation services by Consolidated Fitness Equipment helps to transport heavy duty and bulk fitness equipment from one location to another location. We ensure a smooth transport without any damage in transit and deliver your equipment safely. We serve Global relocation. We not only relocate the fitness equipment and drop it outside on the street but also help to install them at right place. Our relocation charges are reasonable and affordable.

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