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We are Consolidated LLC


Fitness equipment wholesalers, used fitness equipment, new fitness equipment & refurbished fitness equipment  by Consolidated Fitness Equipment ensure high quality longevity at best price.

Consolidated LLC offer complete solutions, sales, repair, refurbished, deliver and, relocate for your fitness, gym & exercise equipment needs, whether you need to relocate your treadmill to another house, need to service it or dispose of it, ship it to another country, or if you are on the market for the unit you use at your local gym we can help you find it and get it in your house for a very competitive price.
refurbished fitness equipment


During the remanufacturing process each item undergoes a multipoint inspection. Our machines are thoroughly tested and professionally remanufactured to a “like-new” condition. This process is conducted in-house, ensuring complete quality control. We start by stripping down the machine to bare metal and applying a fresh coat of paint. Next is to test the Batteries (Alternators or Generators) to ensure longevity. We use only OEM (Original Equipment manufacturer) replacement parts on every piece of equipment such as the electronics, console overlays, decals, drive belts, gears, motor shrouds, etc.



Any of our serviced units offer 100% of its functionality at a discounted price, they go through a rigorous check process to make sure they are mechanically sound and in decent cosmetical conditions

refurbished Gym Equipment

Used Fitness Equipment

We specialize in selling high-quality used fitness equipment, making us one of the leading brands in the industry. Gym owners can now improve their gyms in a new way as we disrupt traditional methods. We offer our customers valuable products and excellent service. Look no further than Consolidated Fitness Equipment if you are looking for high-quality used exercise equipment at an affordable price.

Refurbished Fitness Equipment

Consolidated Fitness Equipment has the best-refurbished fitness equipment. You can save money when outfitting a commercial gym or home gym across the United States by opting for refurbished equipment. Our experienced staff thoroughly inspects all refurbished commercial gym equipment to ensure it works properly. Shop our entire inventory of fitness equipment for significant savings!

New Fitness Equipment

Consolidated Fitness Equipment brings more innovative fitness equipment to enhance your exercise experience. We provide customized gym solutions with creative thinking and a commitment to quality.

Fitness Equipment Wholesalers

We are one of the leading fitness equipment wholesalers of an extensive range of gym & fitness equipment. We supply fitness equipment that has wide application in houses, clubs, and gyms, which our esteemed clients demand around the globe in large numbers.

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